Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Would anyone care if she was stuck with a shiv?

I know the last person anyone wants to hear/read/think about right now is Paris Hilton, but...I have some gems for you. First of all, our friend over at Phoenix Insurgent has written an insightful piece about the class politics of America's most hated, take the time to read it here. Then, these wonderful shirts are for sale, designed and printed by valley residents, buy many of them now (click on the image below to order)! Finally, to the LA county jail system, I have but one request: Let her rot!

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Kyt Dotson said...

The Paris Hilton debacle has certainly been getting its share of play. Not every day that two sides of the same coin get to get their jollies on the same subject -- the celebrity chasers get to boohoo her incarceration; and everyone else who thinks she's a spoiled brat gets to listen to her having to go back again after getting a little leave for her depression.

As much amusement as comes out of this, I guess I'll just wait for it to end, dry up, and blow away like a tumbleweed. Two months or so down the line.