Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tempe's Spring Fever

Cactus League spring training has wrapped up today at the Tempe Diablo stadium, but that doesn't mean Tempe's streets are hitting a lull in action.

Some of today's headlines:

Tempe's worst arrest a spitter
. Living the dream! It's been a minute since a good spittin' on and urinating in public Tempe story. Before rushing to judgment on this brave Tempeon, let's remember, we did urinate outdoors, freely, for, oh, I don't know, the majority of human existence. Really, I think Mill would be cooler if it smelled like pee. It works for Paris, wonderful city, smells like pee.

Another asinine column from the Repub's Katie Nelson. Non-reporting at it's best once again with Tempe's hype machine for mega-developers. Shall we start placing bets she's hired to do PR for one of these developers before the year is out?

A bit of Pedestrian justice! (Later soured by jerk cops). I suppose it would've been acceptable for the police had he been hit and killed by this vehicle? Priest and Baseline is a nightmare area for pedestrians along with...hmm, well, the rest of this stinkin' city. Support walkers' rights!

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